UA Foreign Affairs

UA Foreign Affairs, №6, 2021

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Mykhailo Kharyshyn

Political Rusynism: Historical Retrospective of Its Origin and Geopolitical Transformation

Oleksandr Potekhin, Mykola Fesenko

US Land Borders under Conditions of COVID-19 Pandemic

Oleksandr Chernysh

Analysis and Proposals for the Development of the Ukrainian State and Nation through the Implementation of the Cossack Idea

Ihor Likhovyi

Natalena Koroleva: Writer and Diplomat

Halyna Lutsyshyn

Review of the Scientific Monograph Lyudmila D. Chekalenko “Public History: Challenges of the XXI Century”

Volodymyr Ohryzko

A Book Review: From the Diary of the Ambassador of Ukraine

Iryna Matiash

Diplomatic Service of Maria Dontsova: Little-Known Facets of a Famous Figure (Personal Story to the Collective Portrait of Ukrainian Women Diplomats)

Yurii Felshtynskyi, Mykhailo Stanchev

What did Stalin and Hitler Agree on the Eve of the War?

Liubov Nepop, Ivan Lukachuk

Cultural Diplomacy as an Instrument of Soft Power

Borys Humenyuk

Thirty Years of Ukrainian Independence: Per Aspera ad Astra

Kateryna Malshina

The Colour Psychology in Diplomacy: To the Tie Choice Question