1. Articles written in Ukrainian or English that have not been previously published and/or submitted for consideration for publication in other journals (including electronic ones) are accepted for publication.
  2. Articles in English that have been translated from Ukrainian must be accompanied by a text in the original language, drawn up in accordance with the established requirements. Such articles are preliminarily checked by the editorial office for translation quality. In case of inappropriate quality of the language, the article is returned for revision.
  3. On authors’ demand, the editorial board of the journal offers the service of translating articles into English.
  4. The article should contain the contact information of the authors: phone numbers and e-mail (not published) for the possibility of promptly resolving any occurring issues. E-mail addresses must be valid.
  5. Articles in *.doc or *.docx format are accepted for consideration. All non-text objects are created with the use of built-in Microsoft Word tools (all objects must be grouped). Graphs and figures should be of high quality (600 dpi for graphs and 300 dpi for color and b/w figures) and made with the possibility of editing them, and formulas should be created with the use of the Microsoft Equation editor. Illustrations are allowed to be placed in the article itself (centred, text wrapping around the image is prohibited), or submitted as separate files in JPG format. All diagrams, figures, tables, and formulas should be numbered and placed immediately after referring to them in the text.
  6. The text of the article and metadata should be typed in Times New Roman, size – 12 pt, line spacing – 1.0 pt, margins – 2 cm on all sides, justified, paragraph indentation 1.0 cm.
  7. The volume of the article (without metadata) must be at least 6 pages (3,000-7,000 words), including tables, diagrams, figures, and a list of references.
  8. The presence of the UDC and the List of references is obligatory.
  9. The article must contain the full amount of metadata provided in 3 languages (Ukrainian and English), which include:
    • full names of the authors, their academic degree, title, position, place of work or study with the obligatory indication of the structural unit of the educational institution (department/faculty/institute, etc.);
    • the title of the article (should be informative, interesting to the scientific community, indicate the problem investigated in the article);
    • abstract (at least 1,800 characters, including key words, should highlight the relevance, purpose, methodology for analysing the problem, research results, scientific novelty, as well as practical significance);
    • keywords and phrases (from 4 to 7) that relate to the subject of study, do not duplicate the title of the article and do not consist of general words.

Metadata are published in the journal, on the journal's website, and are stored in the corresponding domestic and foreign information and scientometric databases.


  1. When writing an article, the author must indicate links to sources, materials or individual results that were used in the text. The list of references should represent new sources (over the last 3 years) and contain 30% of scientific papers included in journals indexed by Scopus or Web of Science databases.
  2. References to sources should be indicated in the text with a sequential number as they are used, highlighting them with square brackets, for example "... in artciles [1-3] ...". One citation should not mention more than 3 sources.
  3. Ignoring the rules of the borrowed text (the absence of quotation marks during direct citation, links to sources, etc.) may lead to the fact that some fragments of the article will be qualified as plagiarism, in connection with which work with the study will be suspended, and publication will be refused.
  4. The editors recommend avoiding references to articles that are 10 years old or more.


  1. The list of sources used should be provided in Ukrainian and English. The list of literature submitted in Ukrainian is drawn up in accordance with DSTU 8302: 2015. The English version is submitted in accordance with the international bibliographic standard APA 6th Referencing Style.
  2. The list of used sources must contain at least 15 titles and provide relevant scientific articles of the last 3 years contained in the Scopus or Web of Science databases.
  3. Each source in the list of references must have at least one reference in the text. Lack of citation may be the reason for the refusal to publish the article.
  4. References to the authors' own works (self-citation) are allowed, but not more than 10% of the total number of sources.