The Foreign Affairs Journal is a peer-reviewed publication, which regularly publishes studies of specialists in historical and political sciences relating to the historical past, present, and prospects of international relations.

The editorial's scope of interest mainly covers the following subjects (but the journal is not exclusively limited to them): historical and political analysis of the period of origin and development of international relations; the impact of landmark international treaties concluded in the past on the course of present-day events; analysis of the current state of international relations in the global context; analysis of Ukraine's role as a regional international player; forecasting the further development of world international politics and Ukraine's place in it.

The purpose of the journal is to highlight the results of scientific research on global and current scientific issues on the historical past, current state and prospects of international relations in a globalised world.

When selecting materials for publication, the editorial board pays special attention to the originality and relevance of research ideas, compliance with the conditions for publishing in the journal, scientific and factual authenticity of the material submitted.

When working with manuscripts, members of the editorial board adhere to the following principles of professional activity: objectivity and impartiality in the selection of articles for publication based on scientific equality and tolerance; high demands on the quality of scientific research, which should contain elements of scientific originality; strict observance of copyright and related rights, policy of academic honesty and anti-plagiarism.