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Aims and Scope

The editorial policy of the Foreign Affairs Journal is based on the principles of objectivity and impartiality in the selection of articles for publication; high demands on the quality of scientific research; obligatory peer review of articles; collegiality in making decisions on the publication of articles; accessibility and efficiency in communicating with authors; strict compliance with copyright and related rights. The main criterion in the selection of materials for publication is their originality and relevance of ideas, the scientific and factual reliability of the presented material.

The purpose of Foreign Affairs is to highlight the results of scientific research, the different views of scientists on global and current issues, and to analyse perspectives for the future.

Journal objectives:

  • publication of scientific results on the expansion and modernisation of research in the national economy, the introduction of innovations in production;

  • establishment of partnership cooperation with foreign scientific publishing organisations;

  • compliance with editorial ethics.

Articles are accepted from:

  • historical and political science;

  • stories;

  • public administration;

  • theories and history of sociology.

The journal publishes scientists, graduate students, masters, students of higher educational institutions, agricultural workers, civil servants. Manuscripts are published that make significant progress in the field of research from the point of view of the development of international relations, their state in the global context, as well as the analysis of the role of Ukraine as a regional international player and its place in world international politics.

Foreign Affairs is characterised by a dedicated team of professional editors, a fair and rigorous peer-review process, high standards of editing and editorial independence.