US Land Borders under Conditions of COVID-19 Pandemic

DOI: 10.46493/2663-2675.31(6).2021.20-25


Oleksandr Potekhin , Sumy State Pedagogical University named after A.S. Makarenko

Mykola Fesenko , Institute of World History of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


The analysis of the functioning of the US land border in a pandemic showed that despite the changing health situation in Canada and Mexico, the US did not adapt the restrictions on land borders, which led to a number of negative socio-economic consequences for all countries. The lack of transparency on the part of US federal officials indicates a lack of a clear plan of action to address this pressing issue. The United States continues a strict set of restrictions that prohibit the opening of borders. The closure of the border at the state level has harmed companies that rely on tourists to generate income, as well as socio-economic losses for border communities. It is stated that in the USA there is no clear plan for the decision of problems of frontier in the conditions of pandemic COVID-19. In general, the federal plan to restore the US border will depend on positive health conditions, such as a low number of active cases and a high level of vaccination. Although the emergence of new highly contagious strains makes it unlikely that the border will return to normal state before the pandemic in the near future. In this context, maintaining existing restrictions without a public plan to ease them has a political cost. Taking into consideration election campaigns in Mexico and Canada in 2021 leaders' mistakes in addressing the economic and social losses caused by the pandemic policy at the border are a political burden. Therefore, risk management is a smart strategy for both politicians and border security. As U.S. officials continue to engage in the country's border policy in emergencies, transparent consideration of the various economic, social, and medical situations in Canada and Mexico should become a top socioeconomic priority

Keywords : restrictions, Mexico, Canada, border issues, international organisations, migrants

Language of the article : ukrainian

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