UA Foreign Affairs

UA Foreign Affairs, №5, 2021

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Valerii Pavlenko, Mykola Polovin

Electoral History of the Populist Right-Wing Parties of Austria, France, and the Netherlands (1980-2017)

Teofil Rendiuk

The Roots of Ukrainian Emigration: Preconditions, Main Forms and Vectors of Development of the First Foreign Groups and Colonies of Ethnic Ukrainians

Roman Pyrih

Indian Diplomatic Mission to Emperor Octavian Augustus: Indo-European Contacts

Iryna Rybachok

Ukrainian Women in Austria and Attempts to Resume the Activities of the Union of Ukrainian Women (1945-1957)

Wei Lu

Comparative Analysis of the Establishment of Chinese and American Think Tanks

Oleksandr Tsvietkov

Structuring the Analysis of International Conflicts and Threats

Dmytro Cheberkus, Андрій Федчук, Sophia Zherebchuk

EU and Russian Foreign Policy in the Arctic as a Factor in Shaping Ukraine's Strategy in the Earth's Polar Regions

Yurii Chotari

An Essential Work on Transcarpathian “Prosvita”: A Book Review of Pavlo Fedaka’s “Transcarpathian “Prosvita” in the Activities of its Members (1920-2020)”

Iryna Matiash, Inna Starovoitenko

Hanna Chykalenko-Keller: The First Ukrainian Woman-Diplomat – Participant of the International Forum

Yevheniia Haber

Recent Rrends in Diplomacy: What is Changing the Diplomatic World Today and What Will it be Like in the Future?

Olha Dibrova

In Search of Strategic Depth for Ukraine (to the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's Independence)

Olesya Kostyuk

The Most Important Thing in Life is Beauty