UA Foreign Affairs

UA Foreign Affairs, №3-4, 2021

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Viacheslav Tsivatyi, Maryna Martsyniuk

Foreign affairs and historical challenges of the mondialized world of europe in the context of the spread of the covid-19 pandemic: migration and diasporal aspects

Volodymyr Chupyra

Regional Alliances between states: historical review and future projections for Ukraine

Denys Moskalyk

Department of Foreign Policy National Institute for Strategic Studies. Cooperation between Ukraine and Turkey in the fi eld of military-industrial complex in the context of strategic partnership between the two countries

Olga Zernetska , Victoriia Droniv

Fighting with “the tyranny of Distance”: History of transport in Australia

Mykola Fesenko

Peculiarities of US foreign policy formation under the presidency of J. Baiden

Andriy Sybiha

Cultural diplomacy in activity Embassy of Ukraine in Turkey

Dmitry Tkach

The role of the figure Taras Shevchenko in the cultural diplomacy of Ukraine

Irina Matyash

The first woman in a leading position in foreign policy Department of the Ukrainian People's Republic

Liubov Nepop

"The life of the ambassador - so many important events and interesting memories"

Maryna Hrymych

The role of the ambassador's wife in conducting cultural diplomacy