UA Foreign Affairs

UA Foreign Affairs, №2, 2022

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Oleksandr Potekhin, Mykola Fesenko

Solving the Border Issues of the USA and Canada in the Field of Joint Use of Water Resources

Yaroslava Vermenych

Cross-Border Regionalism in European Integration Strategies: A Conceptual Dimension

Denis Kupriyanov

International Cooperation Between Thailand and Democratic Kampuchea

Mykhailo Kharyshyn

Political Neo-Rusynism as an Element of the Russian Hybrid War Against Ukraine and the Countries of Eastern Europe

Serhii Troian

Review of Zhvanko Lyubov Mykolaivna’s Publication “Diplomatic Missions of the Republic of Poland in Kharkiv (1921-1937): Review of Issues and Author’s Reflections of Contemporary Polish Historiography”