UA Foreign Affairs

UA Foreign Affairs, №4, 2020

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Sergii Tolstov

A world without illusions: realities, trends and experiments of the post-liberal era

Oleksandr Shmorhun

Ukraine's European Integration Course: Prospects and Caveats

Viacheslav Tsivatyi

European Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy in the Middle of the XVII century: Institutional Dilemms the Westphal Congress and the Peace of Westphalia

Roman Pyrih

Julia Lee – Ukrainian Princess of Korea

Otar Hoholishvili, Tamaz Putkaradze

Ukrainians in the socio-political and cultural and educational life of Batumi in the late nineteenth - early twentieth century

Serhii Sherhin , Yevhen Prypik

Vietnam on the path of social modernization and interregional cooperation