Ukrainians in the socio-political and cultural and educational life of Batumi in the late nineteenth - early twentieth century

DOI: 10.46493/2663-2675-2020-4-5


Otar Hoholishvili , Professor of Batumi State University. Shota Rustaveli

Tamaz Putkaradze , Professor of Batumi State University. Shota Rustaveli


Georgian-Ukrainian relations date back to the tenth century, and these relationships last for centuries. This article is exactly an attempt to portray these relationships. Ukraine has always played an important role in all sections of history, being one of the most serious players in the world politics and remains to this day. The article relates to the activities of Ukrainians in Batumi. Although there were not many Ukrainians in Ajara, those who were, played a significant role in the development of this region of Georgia. Two decades after joining, Batumi became the main seaport. Rothschild, Mantashev, Nobel and other monopolistic associations firmly established in the city. The event mentioned in the scientific work is properly discussed. The article features Ukrainian figures who supported Georgian workers in every possible way. At the Rothschild factory Frenchman Guillon was the director, and the general manager was Shinkar, of Ukrainian origin. Only Georgians were hired, because “Georgians - conscientious workers and on time carry out the work entrusted to them." The work is richly represented by Ukrainian and Georgian archival documents depicting their working relationships, excellent attitude of the factory manager, Ukrainian Shinkar to the professionalism of Georgian workers is emphasized. The article places a special emphasis on the rise of the revolutionary movement in Batumi, issues of loyal attitude of Ukrainian managers to Georgian workers. Moreover, Ukrainian Alexander Olchevsky was a member of the Batumi Social-Federalist Party, fluent in Georgian and Russian languages, who actively participated in secret meetings. He offered parties to lead work with a focus on national issues and hold meetings, with discussion of national issues on them. The article presents the Catholics of Ukrainian origin living in Batumi and the Catholic Movement, Batumi occupation by Englishmen, economics education, arts, culture, medicine and more topical issues of cooperation in other fields. Batumi population remembers them as highly skilled workers and great friends of Georgians.

Keywords : Archives Administration of Ajara, State Archives of Odessa. Ukraine-Georgia friendship - ,,Sakartvelo”

Language of the article : Ukrainian

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