DOI: 10.46493/2663-2675-2020-7-8-2


Mykola Taranenko , Candidate of Historical Sciences, Counselor of the Embassy of Ukraine in the State of Israel


Taranenko Mykola. Ukraine – Israel: From free trade in goods to joint innovative development. The article considers the impact of the Free Trade Agreement between Ukraine and Israel on the development of bilateral trade and economic relations. The economic benefits for the Ukrainian economy as a result of the introduction of a new trade regime between the two countries are analyzed. The current state of trade and economic cooperation is highlighted. It is noted that the entry into force of the Agreement will promote mutual trade, its harmonious development by removing barriers to trade in goods, liberalization of trade between countries, creating conditions for fair competition in economic relations between Ukraine and Israel, will help development and expansion of world trade in general. Emphasis is placed on the political significance of the Agreement. Emphasis is placed on the political significance of the Agreement, which is becoming one of the cornerstones of the entire complex of Ukrainian-Israeli relations. It stipulates that both sides want to develop and strengthen friendly relations, especially in the areas of economic cooperation and trade. It is noted that the introduction of a free trade regime between Ukraine and Israel will provide new opportunities for the development of national economies, create new jobs and improve the living standards of our peoples. This will have a positive impact not only on trade itself, but will also provide important signals for the development of the whole complex of our economic relations with Israel. A forecast is made for an increase in trade and the transition to new forms of economic cooperation. Based on the study of Israel's experience in Hi-Tech technologies, a conclusion is made that Ukraine is interested in intensifying scientific and technical cooperation with Israel, and that should become the most promising area of bilateral economic cooperation in the near future and beyond.

Keywords : Israel, economic relations, free trade agreement, cooperation, Hi-Tech technologies

Language of the article : Ukrainian

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