Scientific diplomacy: tasks and opportunities

DOI: 10.46493/2663-2675-2020-5-6-7


Dmytro Cheberkus , Candidate of Economic Sciences, head of the expert group issues of international policy and organizational and methodological support of the Directorate of Sciences and Innovations of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine


The author emphasizes the features of scientific diplomacy and describes the challenges facing Ukraine's scientific diplomacy in the context of European integration. The article deals with the formulation in Ukraine of a new kind of diplomacy - science diplomacy. Science has international and universal nature. That is why, has the ability to improve the communication between peoples, communities, and societies. Science itself is a tool of achievement of foreign policy objectives. So, on the one hand we can use a science as a process and way of communicating. On another hand, science diplomacy could be an instrument promoting peace and sustainable development. Today, the science and research cooperation used fragmentary in Ukraine foreign strategy, but taking into account the experience of EU and US and understanding the importance of science itself, science diplomacy has to be one of the key component of Ukrainian foreign policy. The author also defines the essence of science diplomacy as a means of implementing the foreign policy of the state, using of non-military practical measures, techniques and methods. The science diplomacy applied taking into account the specific conditions and nature of the tasks facing upon state. In addition, the author describes the main challenges facing contemporary Ukrainian diplomacy. Thus, the current tendencies of the development of science in the world make it necessary to reconsider the role of science in state policy in various spheres. The author concludes that the science diplomacy of Ukraine is realized in close cooperation with the main foreign policy priorities of the state. Also, contemporary science diplomacy could use the instruments of traditional diplomacy. At the same time, the importance of science diplomacy has grown significantly since the decision to coordinate its steps with EU policy in the scientific field.

Keywords : science diplomacy, European integration, challenges, international cooperation

Language of the article : Ukrainian

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