INSTITUTIONAL HISTORY, MODERN MODEL AND DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES OF THE CONSULAR SERVICE OF UKRAINE Book review: Consular Service of Ukraine: Formation and Development / Ed. H.M. Perepelytsia. – К.: Логос, 2018. – 440с. ISBN 978-617-7446-73-5

DOI: 10.46493/2663-2675-2020-11-12-4


Viacheslav Tsivatyi , Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv


Scientific Intelligence "Consular Service of Ukraine: Formation and Development" is an original, modern and relevant scientific study, which analyzes the international political, international legal, institutional and historical features of the development and implementation of mechanisms to protect the rights of citizens in the consular sphere in a polycentric world XXI century, its effectiveness and priority in the future is clearly defined: "This book is not only about the glorious historical heritage of the Ukrainian consular service, but also about its current representatives - Ukrainian consuls who create this history and pave the future of the Ukrainian state and Ukrainian nation."

Keywords : Scientific Intelligence Consular Service of Ukraine

Language of the article : Ukrainian

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