The threats of Putin's doctrine have been ignored

DOI: 10.46493/2663-2675-2020-5-6-2


Mirian Mikadze , Bachelor of International Relations, first-year master's student Educational Program "Foreign Policy"


This article will cover the foreign policy threats of Putin’s doctrine. The genesis of the ideology established by Putin after his rise to power in Russia will also be described. What this article also deals with are the stages during which Putin has altered the foreign policy of the government and emphasized the priorities of domestic policy of Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. At the time of Putin’s rise to power Russia required entity and the most effective instrument to do that was to create and use a new ideology. An example of such ideology is the ‘king cult’, the leader of which was Putin himself. Thereby a new political term has appeared - ‘Putinism’ and a strategy of dominance on the Eurasian continent. The article emphasizes that Putin sees the tragedy in the collapse of the Soviet Union. He considers the Free Nations Union to be reincarnated under the auspices of Moscow to further advance the interests of Russia. Special attention is paid to Putin’s foreign policy strategic course, his analytical vision on the setting a ‘fictitious’ partnership with the USA and NATO. Author’s analytical researches triggered the topic of conducting military structure reforms after the aggression in Georgia. After the events in Georgia in August 2008 the Russian government understands the crucial necessity of holding military reforms to be able to compete with the USA on the international stage. The article emphasizes the aggressive strategy of informational war of Russia against Ukraine in 2014, as well as the occupation of the Ukrainian territories that were foreseen by the Putin’s doctrine in the early 2000s and consequently ignored not only by the leaders of Ukrainian state, but also by international community. Informational vacuum of Ukraine jointly with the activity of Russian agencies has led to the political destabilization in the region and the emergence of separatist movements that were supported by Russia as well as the identical movements in Abkhazia, Georgia and Moldova. The article will describe the seven pillars on which Russia relies while conducting foreign political informational and military war in order to diminish the influence of the USA on the former member states of the Soviet Union, as well as to discredit NATO, so as to provide itself with buffer zones of influence and further expansion of its territories and also to gain back the dominance on the Eurasian continent. Emmanuel Macron: - «Emmanuel Macron warns Europe: NATO is becoming brain-dead».

Keywords : Putin's doctrine, limited sovereignty, global security, Ukraine, Iraq, USA, NATO

Language of the article : Ukrainian

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