Ecoactivism as a new trend of international relations.

Issue: UA Foreign Affairs, №3,2020

Doi: 10.46493/2663-2675-2020-3-6


Andriana Vovk, student of the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences of Lviv Polytechnic National University,

Environmental issues and politicians’ fail to conquer the global warming and irreversible climate change has raised public concern. Ecology is now being at the stake at every level beginning from the pupils and ending with political leaders. However, the struggles of the latter had been rather unsuccessful and proved that the economy and industrial development were at the forefront. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Kyoto Protocol and Paris Agreement are now all regarded as instruments of uniting the states around the problem but not the mechanisms of its resolution. All of the documents have failed their prime purposes to fight the global warming while their principles and provisions are setting unattainable goals. Such destructive policies have resulted in proliferation of massive protests all over the globe which are usually led under the auspices of eco activists 1 who are constantly claiming their right to a safer environment. Ecoactivism is regarded as a way out of political standoff and a cure from the inevitable death of entire eco-systems and species. That is why Greta Thunberg and her resonating exclamations are now seen as a panacea and hope for a better future for current and upcoming generations. The phenomenon of the 16-year-old girl has become worldwide because of her ability to basically start an ecological revolution. Her innovative approach has changed the climatic game and her harrowing speech from the UN tribune has put the world upside down. That is the reason for the further research dedicated to ecoactivism, environmental problems, political and economic priorities, fluctuating public behaviors, Greta Thunberg’s approach, and methods of reversing the climate change.

Keywords : Ecoactivism, climate change, global warming, climate accords, Kyoto protocol, Paris agreement, phenomenon, capitalism, political standoff.

Language of the article : Ukrainian

The date of online posting : 20.04.2020

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