Scientific, scientific-journalistic journal "Foreign Affairs" is a peer-reviewed publication, which regularly publishes scientific research of specialists in the field of historical and political sciences, relating to the historical past, present and prospects of international relations.

Principles of publication:

  • conducting a historical and political analysis of the period of origin and development of international relations;
  • study of the impact of landmark international agreements concluded in the past on the course of today's events;
  • analysis of the current state of international relations in the global context;
  • analysis of the role of Ukraine as a regional international player;
  • forecasting the further development of world international politics and Ukraine's place in it.

Tasks of the publication:

  • involvement of leading Ukrainian and foreign scientists in the creation of scientific articles;
  • involvement in cooperation with the magazine of domestic and foreign diplomats-practitioners;
  • встановлення тісного творчого контакту з факультетами міжнародних відносин у всіх регіонах України;
  • intensification of scientific research of the new generation of scientists;
  • creation of an active discussion platform on the basis of the magazine to discuss the current state and prospects of international relations in the globalized world and the place of Ukraine in it;

Principles of publication:

  • objectivity and impartiality in the choice of articles for publication on the basis of scientific equality and tolerance;
  • high demands on the quality of scientific research, which should contain elements of scientific novelty;
  • strict observance of copyright and related rights, policy of academic integrity and anti-plagiarism;
  • open access to scientific publications.

Review policy:

The review process is organized according to the requirements of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). All articles are subject to bilateral "blind" review. Authors are not told the names of reviewers, reviewers - the names of authors.

The reviewer carries out a scientific examination of the author's materials, as a result of which his actions must be impartial, which is to comply with the following principles:

  1. Expert evaluation should help the author to improve the quality of the text of the article, and the editor-in-chief - to decide on the publication.
  2. A reviewer who does not consider himself an expert in the subject of the article or knows that he will not be able to submit a review of the article in time, must notify the editor-in-chief and refuse to review.
  3. The reviewer may not be the author or co-author of the work, as well as supervisors of degree seekers.
  4. Any manuscript received from the editors for review is a confidential document.
  5. Inadmissible personal remarks of the author. The reviewer must express his opinion clearly, reasonably and objectively.
  6. The reviewer should draw the editor-in-chief's attention to the significant similarity or partial coincidence of the peer-reviewed article with any other previously published article.
  7. The reviewer should not use the information and ideas from the article submitted to him for review for personal gain, respecting the confidentiality of this information and ideas.
  8. The reviewer should not accept the manuscript for consideration in the presence of a conflict of interest caused by competition, cooperation or other relations with any authors or organizations related to the article.
  9. The reviewers' comments are not published or otherwise published without the permission of the reviewer, the authors of the manuscript and the editor-in-chief.

Authorized members of the editorial board inform the authors about the results of the review. The duration of article review is up to two weeks.