The US State Department will propose sanctions against four ships involved in the construction of Russia's Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline and four related companies.

As reported by "European Truth", Politico writes about this, citing sources.

The proposal will be included in the State Department's report, which will be sent to Congress on Wednesday, May 19.

Interlocutors of the publication believe that restrictive measures against companies involved in the construction of the pipeline will delay the implementation of the project, which has already been completed by 90%.

The publication also reports that the report will include a motion to lift sanctions against Nord Stream 2 AG and its head Matthias Warnig. This was previously reported by Axios.

The Biden administration's new move is likely to provoke criticism from US lawmakers, who have argued that several pipeline ships and organizations, including Nord Stream 2 AG and its CEO, could be subject to sanctions under the 2019 European Energy Security Act, known as PEESA.

Sanctions against companies building or financing a pipeline to supply natural gas from Russia to Germany have received support from both parties in Congress. But the Biden administration seeks to maintain good relations with the German government, which has supported the project.

Opponents of the project also expect that the German Green Party, which opposes Nord Stream 2, will win seats in parliament in the September elections.

The construction of the controversial Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, which will transport gas from Russia along the Baltic Sea to Germany, has been largely completed. In German waters, 13.9 km of one line and 16.8 km of another line still need to be built.

For many years, the pipeline has been a major stumbling block in German-American relations.

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