US President-elect Joe Biden plans to appoint his longtime adviser, Ron Klein, as White House chief of staff.

This was reported by "European Truth" with reference to Reuters.

Klein is one of Biden's most trusted people. He first began working with the Democrats in 1989, when Biden was a U.S. senator.

Klein was responsible for the Barack Obama administration's response to the health crisis caused by the Ebola virus in 2014, when Biden was vice president.

As one of President Donald Trump's biggest critics of his involvement in the pandemic, Klein must be a key figure in the Biden administration's response to the coronavirus crisis.

"Ron has been invaluable to me over many years of working together, including when we saved the US economy from one of the worst downsides in our history in 2009 and then overcame a terrible public health emergency in 2014." Joe Biden explained his choice.

Klein headed Biden's office during his vice presidency and most recently was a senior adviser to Biden's presidential campaign.

Joe Biden has reportedly been preparing the ground for his new administration, despite President Donald Trump's efforts to challenge the election results and stay in power.

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