The sanctions list of Lukashenko regime officials subject to EU sanctions is due to be approved next week; Lukashenko himself is not on the list.

According to "European Truth", this was reported by Radio Liberty journalist Ricard Jozwiak, citing its sources.

"EU sanctions against Belarus should be agreed or plus next week. So far it looks like Lukashenko will not be on the list, but that may change," he wrote.

It will be recalled that on August 19, at an extraordinary summit, EU leaders agreed on sanctions against Belarus, which will be applied to certain officials of the Lukashenko regime involved in repression and election fraud.

The EU has also stated that it does not recognize the results of the presidential election in Belarus, announced by the authorities.

In response, the Belarusian Foreign Ministry called on the EU not to impose sanctions on the country "in difficult times" and to allow it to "pass the stage of maturing."

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