President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Ukraine had contacted the Russian Federation because of the violation of the peace regime in Donbas, but noted that there were many things that were not reported in the media because the authorities wanted to protect not one person but 40 million Ukrainians.

Direct speech: "We react (to the shelling and murder in Donbass - ed.). We responded immediately, there are some things that we do not discuss with the media, because our task is to protect not one person, but to protect 40 million of our independent country.

As for those violations, I will tell you frankly that this is the most difficult job today - to save the lives of Ukrainians. I can't communicate very superficially on this topic because I'm deep in this topic and I can't answer.

As for the silence mode for 42 days. The regime of silence was maintained until the provocation that took the life of our soldier. We are at the level of foreign ministers and not only contacted the Russian Federation, which should keep these agreements, which were at the level of the TCG.
Why would I tell you about the number of urgent meetings about this provocation? Much is being done and done by both the military and the spies of our country. We will still do everything to maintain a regime of silence to avoid a large number of wounded and dead, I do not see any other option than to save people's lives. "

What happened earlier: On September 6, Russian forces violated the ceasefire near the village of Krasnohorivka, as a result of which a Ukrainian serviceman was wounded.

After the evening report, the press center of the Environmental Protection Agency reported the second shelling of the militants, which killed a Ukrainian serviceman.

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