NATO defense ministers have approved a decision to set up a new space command center in Germany at Ramstein Air Force Base.

According to European Truth, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced this at a press conference after the first day of the ministerial meeting.

"Last year, we declared space NATO's operational area. And today we have taken another important step. Ministers have agreed to establish a new NATO space center under Allied Air Command in Ramstein, Germany," Stoltenberg said.

He said the center would help coordinate Allied space activities, support NATO space missions and operations, including communications and satellite imagery, and protect Allied space systems by exchanging information on potential threats.

"Navigation, mobile phones, military communications and other activities on Earth depend on space capabilities. Therefore, we need to provide a reliable system in space. Therefore, we are concerned about the development of Russia and China. They can blind satellites, which can damage civilian and military communications To this end, we are creating a new NATO hub to ensure coordination between allies, "Stoltenberg said.

Rammstein Air Force Base is the largest US air base in Europe. It is home to the US Air Force Command in Europe and the NATO Allied Air Command.
Note that about half of the approximately 2,000 satellites currently orbiting the Earth belong to NATO countries.

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