"FOREIGN AFFAIRS" - a scientific journal founded in Kyiv in January 2009. The current founder of the publication is the Public Association "Editorial of the FOREIGN AFFAIRS", in favor of which according to the Law of Ukraine "On Reforming State and Communal Mass Media" - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, State Enterprise “Journal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine“ Politics and Time ”- transferred their rights and responsibilities. By January 1, 2018, Foreign Affairs was published monthly. When the print media re-registration process is completed, the journal will be published in an updated format.

Видання має майже 80-річну історію. Перший попередник журналу називався «Блокнот агітатора// Видавництво ЦК КП(б)У «Радянська Україна». Це був громадсько-політичний журнал ідеологічного відділу ЦК Компартії (більшовиків) України, видавався в Києві двічі на місяць українською і російською мовами з січня 1941 року. У липні 1969 року журнал отримав назву «Під прапором ленінізму», хоч незмінним залишався ідеологічний наставник – ЦК КПУ, який опікувався виданням до 1991-го року. Журнал висвітлював практику комуністичного будівництва в СРСР, боротьбу КПРС за зміцнення міжнародного руху тощо. Починаючи з 1992 року, з числа 1273, засновниками журналу стали Міністерство закордонних справ України, Міністерство зовнішніх економічних зв’язків України та трудовий колектив редакції. З вересня-жовтня цього ж року (№1280-1281) засновниками журналу виступають лише Міністерство закордонних справ України та трудовий колектив редакції.

The successor of "Under the banner of Leninism" became the journal "Politics and Time" (certificate of registration June 9, 1994), and its sole founder - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. The thematic orientation of the journal was related to the coverage of issues of foreign policy of Ukraine, foreign economic relations, problems of development of international relations and the world economy, social and political and spiritual life of Ukraine, activity of Ukraine in international organizations.

The format of the scientific journal Foreign Affairs, the successor to Politics and Time, was an attempt to make foreign policy a matter for experts, scientists and all those interested in it, to bring non-standard scientific ideas to the general public. The co-founders of the publication during this period were the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, SE "Politics and Time" as the publisher of the journal, the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. The editorial board consisted of diplomats and international scientists. Its pages cover the history of Ukrainian diplomacy, the experience and practice of the diplomatic service of an independent Ukraine and foreign policy of foreign countries, current trends and current problems of international relations and international law.

In its content, it has essentially turned into an effective discussion platform where the best theorists and practitioners of strategy and tactics of international relations and foreign policy have been able to discuss the best options for Ukraine's place in today's globalized world.

The transfer of rights and responsibilities from the previous co-founders of Foreign Affairs journal to the benefit of the Public Association Foreign Affairs journal gives an opportunity to increase the debatability of publications, their analytical and journalistic components, while leaving the thematic focus of the publication: analysis of the history, present and prospects international relations and their place in Ukraine.

The editorial board of the journal is open to cooperation and invites both its regular authors and those who have not yet had the practice of cooperation with the journal to active and fruitful creative work.

Editorial staff of UA Foreign Affairs