Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Olga Stefanishyna raised the issue of opening the EU's borders to Ukrainians at talks in Brussels and now recommends not waiting for a miracle.

Stefanishina told journalists about this after a series of meetings in Brussels, European Truth reports with reference to Interfax-Ukraine.

According to her, the meetings focused on the gradual opening of borders after the exit from the corona crisis.

"This issue has been discussed with several European Commissioners. Both Commissioner Kyriakides and others have noted that this is a purely technical process, so we will try to provide all information on the coronary crisis in Ukraine as soon as possible and hope that it will open borders as soon as possible." , - the deputy prime minister told.

Asked when the borders with the EU can be expected to open, Stefanishina said the process would be gradual.

"I will not be optimistic on this issue - a miracle will not happen, and we will not wake up one amazing morning with open borders throughout the EU. This is a gradual process," said Stefanishina.

According to her, an agreement was reached in Brussels on the prompt exchange of statistics and information.

"Yes, in particular, Ukraine has the lowest mortality rate, which is an important indicator. We have also significantly increased testing opportunities. We will provide this information to the EU, and I hope that this will contribute to the gradual opening of borders," Stefanishina said.

Let us remind you that entry into the EU is generally closed to Ukrainian citizens, except for certain categories of Ukrainians. Buying a flight ticket does not guarantee permission to cross the border.

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