The mosaics of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul will be covered with curtains or lasers during Muslim prayers, a spokesman for Turkey's ruling party said on Monday after President Tayyip Erdogan turned the museum into a mosque.

This was reported by "European Truth" with reference to Reuters.

Christian images will be open to all visitors at other times, and admission will be free, spokesman Omer Celik told a news conference in Ankara.

It is not yet clear how the lasers will work.

Celik assured that the cathedral would be "better preserved" after Turkey's decision to turn the cult monument into a mosque. He added that Turkey is open to cooperation with UNESCO on the preservation of the universal heritage of St. Sophia.

On Tuesday, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said that Hagia Sophia would be open to visitors of all religions, and anyone could visit the building.

It will be recalled that on Friday, July 10, a Turkish court ruled that the decision to turn the mosque into a museum in 1934 was illegal. Erdogan immediately signed a decree granting Hagia Sophia the status of a mosque.

The move has drawn international criticism and concern, including from Greece, the United States and Russia, as well as UNESCO and Pope Francis.

Turkey insists that the status of an architectural monument is its internal affair.

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